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POS systems

Is it time for you to replace your old POS system? Do you want a faster, more intricate, higher powered machine with more options available to you? Not sure which system is best for your site or which you'll like more? Not a problem, United Pump and Tank, Inc. is here for you with a vast knowledge base on the different types, styles and options available from the top leading POS manufactures. Drop us an e-mail and we will get back to you promptly, and professionally.



Are you looking for new dispensers? Or maybe a diesel pump to go along with your current dispensers. Either way, United Pump and Tank, Inc. is there for you. We will provide information on all the different types of dispensers, their differences and which will work best for you. Go and send us an e-mail!



Are you having an issue with your dispensers, tanks, POS system, canopy lights, veeder-root sensors/alarms, spill buckets or motors? Here at United Pump and Tank, Inc. we pride ourselves with being educated on the newest technologies in the field, as well as the old tried and true technology to provide the best, prompt, professional and courteous service available. Go on over and fill out our service request form and experience all United Pump and Tank, Inc. has to offer.


outdoor areas

Does your concrete need work, sidewalks, tank pads or pillars? Are your spill buckets and manways old and broken, leaking or showing signs of major wear? Do you want them replaced? We provide a wide range of options for FILLS and STP sump manways and lids. Are your canopy lights, gas price sign, or road sign out? Send us an e-mail and we will provide information on the options for you.

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  • Repairs

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Filter changes
  • Spill Buckets
  • Veeder Root
  • Veeder Root sensors
  • Gilbarco
  • Wayne
  • F.E Petro
  • Concrete pads
  • Concrete side walks
  • Pump ballards
  • Pump price toppers
  • Software upgrades
  • Nucleus
  • Sapphire/Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Passport
  • Canopy lights
  • Road Price Signs
  • Intercom installations
  • Product line repair
  • STP Manways
  • Diagnoses
  • Repair information
  • Installation information
  • Rebranding information
  • Estimate information
  • Drop Tubes
  • Old dispenser removal
  • Fast Emergency Response
  • Hanging hardware
  • Dispenser calibration
  • And much more...